Asbestos Abatement Springtime Las Vegas

Spring is in the air here in Las Vegas and I can already see my neighbors cleaning out closets and other unused items in their garages.  It will only be a matter of time before I see a new remodeling project coming on.  Being that our homes in the neighborhood are over 30 years old, there is always an asbestos abatement project taking place around this time of the year.  Most of our home owners don’t understand about asbestos abatement and are always trying to take on the task of removing asbestos on their own.  I really think that a lot of the home owners don’t even know what asbestos is and how damaging it can be.  Heck, I remember when we had our previous home over in Henderson and we decided to remove all the popcorn ceilings on our own.  We simply brought in the yard hose and lightly sprayed the ceiling, scraped off the popcorn and rolled it up in the carpeting that we were throwing away.  We are really lucky that we didn’t get any health issues by basically performing an asbestos abatement project on our own.

las-vegas-asbestos-removalNow that our HOA here in Los Prados has gotten involved and started informing homeowners that their properties could possibly contain the dangerous substance, more and more professional asbestos abatement projects are popping up.  I think that the neighbors are really starting to communicate more with each other as an asbestos abatement project is quite obvious when it’s taking place.  During the asbestos abatement time period, a home is totally sealed off from the environment.  It really looks like something out of a sci-fi movie where the occupants must have been infected with some awful disease.  When the asbestos abatement project is taking place, only the highly trained staff are allowed to enter and carefully exit the property.  They take great precaution utilizing industrial strength body suits, high end breathing ventilators and all other items necessary to provide a safe environment.

My husband and I have learned of one couple that didn’t reach out to a professional asbestos abatement team and they were just fine at first and actually bragging about how they didn’t have to pay the high fees to do their remodeling project.  It was a couple of years later that the wife of the household became ill and had several bouts with a chronic lung disease.  That’s what asbestos does.  It lays dormant forever, basically encapsulates itself.  It only becomes dangerous once it is disturbed and then it will go airborne.  The bad thing about asbestos going airborne is that it is almost impossible to see or detect.  Once you breath it in, that is when you become susceptible to the diseases affiliated with the deadly substance.  The lesson learned in our community is to hire a professional asbestos testing and asbestos abatement team to detect and remove the substance.  Most of the asbestos abatement projects that seem to be taking place are done by a group called Las Vegas Environmental Pros.  They provide all kinds of hazardous waste removal options throughout Las Vegas and the surrounding communities.las-vegas-asbestos-abatement

The one thing that I think most commercial and residential property owners don’t realize is that the asbestos abatement or asbestos removal projects are often covered by their property insurance.  Being that that United States Government place a band on the use of asbestos back in the late 1970’s, most insurance policies will cover any asbestos abatement projects that occur after an insurance policy is placed on the property.  I guess the moral to the story is if your property is built in 1980 or before, always hire out a professional to test for asbestos.  It really is not worth your well being or your future health.

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